Thursday, September 4, 2008

The CIty's Most Famous Church

The famous San Sebastian Church as it looked then. This is where I and my classmates go to hear mass on Sundays. The nuns were always there to check on our attendance. They did not really have to. At that time, going to hear mass on Sundays was very much a part of our social life. It was an opportunity to meet with friends and having some fun so we seldom miss it. Besides, missing it would be a mortal sin.


  1. I like to visit old churches. Once I think about the artistry and craftmanship, I wonder, what secrets could these walls tell.

  2. Too bad hearing mass is no longer part of the social life of the new generation. I admit, most of the youth have really no interest in hearing mass. I don't know the exact reason why..

  3. Good morning,

    the church is very beautiful.